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Help vulnerable communities access life saving medicine
and technology

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Helping bridge the gap between what a community needs and what they have access to.

The Think Project was created to make groundbreaking technology available to low socio-economic communities and the world’s most vulnerable. We achieve this through integrated monitoring, education, fundraising and research.

We believe that communities should be at the forefront of change. To solve the world’s biggest problems, we turn to those who are directly impacted. Ultimately, it’s these communities that point us in the direction of scientific discovery. These are the communities that benefit from the solutions we create.


Current Think Projects

The Think Project is committed to making every donation count. We believe in transparency and showing you the impact you are having on real people every day. Here are the current Think Projects we are working on.

The Project | Medical Supplies to Sri Lanka
The Project | development of an affordable vaccine delivery system

"I believe access to life saving medical equipment and therapeutics should be available to everyone, regardless of their place of birth"

Dr. Anushi Rajapaksa
Founder, The Think Project

Growing up in a remote part of the world, I recognised the inequality in access to many services and resources – not just medical.  The impact that geography and circumstance can have on a persons survival and health varies dramatically and I knew it was an area I could impact. 

30 years later, 6 of which spent in research, “The Think Project” was founded in Melbourne. The Think Project gives direct support to vulnerable communities through the provision of medicines, technology and resources to help save lives. We not only develop new and affordable technology, but we help source and distribute resources to the most vulnerable in our global community.

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